Goodwill To All


Goodwill To All
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

A child gazes in wonder at Christmas lights so bright,
Huddled in a doorway, a youth is out of sight.

A group of happy youngsters, sing carols in the street,
Underneath the arches, an old man tries to sleep.

Pillow cases bulging, with presents by the score,
While the young lad still is huddled outside the local store.

People full of turkey, mince pies and Christmas pud,
To the old man searching through the bins, old chips taste very good.

A King born in a palace with riches all around,
A Saviour born in a stable with straw upon the ground.

Angels sang a message “Goodwill to All mankind”
Yet still in many places, goodwill is hard to find.




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