Gracious Father


Gracious Father
By Frederick Blanchard

Gracious and compassionate Father,
By your mercy and love please welcome us,
With your open arms, into your presence,
To commune in intimacy with you Father.

We praise and glorify your name Father,
Thankful that we are forgiven of our iniquity,
Through the cleansing blood of your son,
Praise to you our God, our creator and Father.

Blessed be your name your holy name Father,
For you meet all the needs of our souls,
It’s by your merciful love that we’re sustained,
We give you our deepest gratitude, Father.

Hear not all our political words Father,
That falls so freely from our lips like drool,
But hear the yearning of our spiritual heart,
Coming from the depth of our being Father.

It’s with awe and trepidation Father,
From our understanding of who you are,
That we humbly seek and beseech you,
For you are our all and all Father.

As we approach your Throne Father,
We ask that you whisper to us softly,
For remember Lord, the power of your voice,
It can shatter worlds making them barren Father.

In humble adoration we seek you Father,
To be close to you in heart and in soul,
Fill our empty cup to overflowing Lord,
May your Holy Spirit shine through us Father.




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