Great God Of Creation


Great God Of Creation
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

When I see the clouds away up high
making patterns in the sky,
so many different shapes are seen
in shades of gray with white between.
I gaze in wonder at the sky so vast,
watching the clouds as they float past.
Then I worship God who made the sky,
and thank him for those clouds up high.

When in the distance, hills I see,
with patchwork fields and many a tree,
twisty paths through the countryside,
where man can wander far and wide.
Maybe,stop by a cooling stream
where tiny fish are often seen.
As to the hills I turn my gaze,
to God the creator, I give my praise.

When by the rolling sea I stand,
and watch the golden, shifting sand,
As I see the waves break on the shore,
I see the hand of God once more.
The sea sometimes is quiet and calm,
but then whipped up by wind and storm.
Such power and might is there to see,
and shows the power of God to me.

When I lift my gaze again up high,
and view with awe the great night sky,
the silver moon way out in space,
its surface looking like a face.
Stars as far as the eye can see,
which seem to twinkle down at me.
For all these things to God I raise,
My voice in prayer of thanks and praise.


How can anyone not believe in God,
how could these things be the result of an accident in space?



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