Growing Stages


Growing Stages
By Rita Broden

Some Christians are yet babies
Milk is the nourishment they need
They would choke upon the meat right now
If on meat they try to feed.

Some Christians are yet crawlers
They are not prepared to walk
In the learning stage these babes are
In the next stage they will talk.

Some Christians are yet toddlers
Sometimes their footing isn’t sure
But they keep on pressing forward
Their determination pure.

Some Christians are yet teenagers
They can’t be told or taught a thing
As frustrating as it can be
Keep in mind: They are heirs of the King.

There are Christians that are all grown up
Love, grace, and mercy leads their way
Through the Christian growing process
They’ve learned to hit their knees and pray.

They pray before they act or speak
They seek God’s guidance through and through
With Godly wisdom they give counsel
When some are pressed with what to do.


When the baby cries just comfort him
When the toddler falls give care
When the teenager rebels
Commit him to the Lord in prayer.

The baby WILL quit crying
The toddler’s balance will improve
The rebellious teenager will settle down
When, because of prayer, God starts to move.

So many different growing stages
Within this Christian fam-i-ly
No matter what our stage of growth
One day in Heaven we’ll all be!

We’ve made the delcaration
That Jesus Christ is Lord!
That God has raised Him from the dead!
Eternal life is our reward!

I thank the Lord for growing stages
Though some were kind of tough
But through those growing stages
I’ve learned that JESUS is enough!




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