He Always Will Stay!


He Always Will Stay!
By Marie C Neubauer

We live in a world
Crippled by sin,
Men strive to find
Some peace within
While Jesus waits
To free and to bless
And give to each one
True peace and rest.

He wants to free us
From sickness and strife,
Worldly pollutions
So harmful to life.
His gift of redemption
Is free to all men,
O how He loves us,
Bids all to enter in.

All power in heaven
And earth He does hold,
Jesus heals our spirits
And restores our souls.
Though religion oft hinders
And turns men away,
Jesus never will leave us
He always will stay!


‘…For He has said, I will never leave you nor forsake you.’
[Hebrews 13:5]



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