He Is The Lord


He Is The Lord
By Christine Hare Tate

He is the Lord
That is His name,
He will not give His glory
to anyone else…
He will not share
His praise with idols
carved from wood or stone…
He who created the heavens
and the universe so grand,
will not be reduced to man’s level,
He is Supreme alone!

The oceans and forests,
mountains and galaxies
are subject to His will…
Day and night, sunrise and
sunset obey His commands.
The moon, stars and planets
were created flawlessly…
Nothing in the world exists
without His divine intervention.
He who knows the future
and sets the captives free…
God is worthy to be praised,
now and for eternity!


‘I am the Lord, that is My name.
I will not give My glory to anyone else.
I will not share My praise with carved idols.’
[Isaiah 42:8]



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