He Who The Son Sets Free…


He Who The Son Sets Free…
By Joanne Standfield

My heart is overflowing with praise
to my Saviour who has set me free,
free from the enslaving sin
that once had a hold of me.

For our life He has a purpose,
a unique and special plan,
written before the beginning of time
before the world began.

He saw me in my mother’s womb,
has walked with me along life’s way
although I as yet didn’t know Him,
He was never far away.

There came a day when I found Him,
Oh what joy then filled my soul,
taking all my brokeness
He made my life complete and whole.

My heart was set on fire,
what amazing grace I’d found
may this joy ever be with me
and His praises always abound!

Oh that my life will bring Him glory
that others would see His love in me
my life telling the story
of How My Jesus set me free.


‘Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.’
[John 8:36]



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