Healed By Christ’s Power


Healed By Christ’s Power
By Marie C Neubauer

Bartimeus waited
Day after day,
Hoping that Jesus
Would pass his way…

And then in Jericho
Jesus appeared,
Bartimeus started shouting
Hoping Jesus would hear…

“Jesus, Son of David,
Have mercy on me”, but
The crowd rebuked him

But Jesus did hear
Bartimeus’s plea,
And told His disciples,
Please bring him to me…

So they told Bartimeus,
Cheer up, and draw nigh,
Jesus of Nazareth
Has heard your cry…

Then Jesus asked Him,
“What do you want from me”?
And Bartimeus answered,
Lord, I want to see…

Jesus said, Go your way,
Your faith set you free, and
His blind eyes were opened

And he followed Jesus
From that very hour,
In newness of life
Healed by Christ’spower!


[Mark 10:46-52]



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