Healing Words For A Hurting Heart


Healing Words For A Hurting Heart
By Cinda M Carter

Disappointed by mankind…
Healing words that come in time.
Remembering that we are sinners from the start.
Painful words that create a hurting heart.

Help us Lord to remember where we come from…
That we are a work in progress until our work here on earth is done.
You forgave a sinner like me,
Help me to forgive those who have hurt me is my plea.

Only Jesus can heal us with His words…
Words of comfort from our Lord.
He forgives those who ask Him to through His shed blood.
Let go and let God have His way with each one through His Son.

When Jesus took our place on Calvary and pleaded for me and you…
He prayed, Father forgive them for they know not what they do.
If you have wounds that cannot heal.
Take it to the One who knows how you feel.

Healing Words…
Come from God’s word so, one can go forward.
Hurting heart…
Pray for God’s forgiveness and a fresh start.

A new day begins through Him, a new start…
With healing words for a hurting heart.
Forgive and ye shall be forgiven.
The only stipulation in God’s word that was given.

Don’t point a finger…
In prayer let one linger.
Pray for God’s forgiveness for you and the one who hurts.
Healing words for a hurting heart.




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