By Doreen Margaret Higgs

You promised Lord to heal us,
if we asked in your name,
I have asked you many times,
but the pain, it stays the same.
I asked you Lord to heal my friend,
so she could speak again,
and witness like she used to,
and give glory to your name.

You promised Lord to heal us
and we know for sure, you do,
not always in the way we want
but Lord, we give it all to You.
You promised us no easy life,
as the Christian path we tread,
but you said you would be with us,
by your own hand we are led.

Sickness and sorrow may come to us,
many trials along the way,
but we feel your presence ever near,
guiding us on our way.
Inner healing Lord you give,
a peace we can’t explain,
and a blest assurance too you give,
that all will be well again.

Physical healing may not come
to us or loved ones dear,
but joy and peace is in our hearts,
as we feel you Lord, right here.
And Lord we know, all will be well,
when your dear face we see,
then all our tears and pain will cease,
for all eternity.




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