Highs & Lows


Highs & Lows
By Frederick Blanchard

Life’s mountains have valleys below,
Some barren, some fertile and lush,
Causing us a spiritual high then low.

Rivers of peace flow gently throughout,
Bringing some calm to a troubled soul,
But hovering nearby are clouds of self-doubt.

Daily life can be a roller coaster ride,
Filling us with an adrenalin high.
But it is short lived perhaps from pride?

In high times we shouldn’t look back or down,
We can lose our faith as well as our focus,
And the enemy can strike without a sound.

The weary seeks things from high above,
Finding peace, rest and comfort,
In the wonders of the Father’s love.


Our every mountain and every valley molds us into who we are.
Though we don’t like going through the lows, God’s love sustains us,
and with this experience we can show others the love of Christ.



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