His Glory Will Be Seen


His Glory Will Be Seen
By W A Zamorano

Lord, we want to see Your GLORY,
the people shout,
not knowing what the GLORY is all about.

Let me tell you a little of the story
of God’s GLORY.

When the tabernacle of Moses had been built,
God promised, with His GLORY it would be filled.
Bring me an offering the Lord had told,
a blameless lamb just one year old.

The people stood in awe, when they saw
fire come down from heaven
and consume the sacrifice.
Then the GLORY of God filled that place
and the people fell on their face.

Once a year the High Priest had to bring
a blameless offering,
to make atonement for the people’s sin.
When the High Priest drew near,
the GLORY would appear,
and one more year
the people could live without fear.

O, can’t you see, what Jesus did on Calvary?
He left the GLORY of heaven and became the lamb
to be offered up the sinless sacrifice.
The cross became the altar where He died,
once and for all Redemption of sin to provide.

All we have to do, is to ask Him to come in,
and His Blood will cleanse us from our sin.
It is the spirit of man that is born again.
The body we are living in,
must become our daily offering.
Our flesh must be killed,
so with His GLORY we can be filled.

Our hearts become the altar
and our bodies the living sacrifice.
The Holy Ghost is the consuming fire.
He’ll burn away the old
and give us new desire.

Our transformation has begun,
as we are being changed
into the image of God’s Son.

We must keep our fire burning
and when our hearts are pure
and our hands are clean,
His GLORY on our faces will be seen.

There is no end to the story
of God’s eternal weight of Glory.




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