His Joy Is My Strength!


His Joy Is My Strength!
By Joanne Standfield

Take heart when surrounded by storm clouds
for God’s light hasn’t gone away,
though obscured and you can’t see it,
His light is here to stay.
Just as the glory of the sunrise
fills the darkest night,
so God’s light will arise upon you
putting the darkness to flight.
Lift up those hands that hang down
and put on the garment of praise
cry out to your ‘Abba’ Father,
trust in His amazing grace.
He has made you more than a conqueror
and this darkness will have to flee,
for God dwells in the praises of His people
and He will enforce your victory!


‘Unto the upright there arises light in the darkness.
He is gracious and full of compassion and righteous.’
[Psalm 112:4]



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