Holy Spirit Revival


Holy Spirit Revival
By Tom D Blakely

When at first we did believe
The Spirit of Christ we did receive.
The Holy Spirit entered in
To cleanse us from our every sin.
We were born again to live for Jesus
To enjoy salvation’s precious promise.
To sing the praises of our Lord
To delight in His life-giving word.
All brethren together in one accord
In prayer and harmony with our God!

Yet such is the nature of our frame
The gospel at times we fear to proclaim?
‘But no!’ I hear some voices claim
‘We frequently share Jesus’ name,
Through witness, outreach, we declare
The whole true gospel without fear!’
Friends, so did I, and so do I
But I must confess rather than lie
That many of my works may be
As dead as the spirit quenched by me!

For instead of doing what I am told
I may decide not to be so bold?
Naturally I pray, in my own way
Accordingly I fail, and go astray.
There is no point in making excuse
When God gives the order and we refuse.
Armchair generals who talk so grand
Would you do all God might command?

God’s word details the Spirit’s power
Of which our forefathers were aware.
From the early Christian church
Through many great awakenings since.
Come Holy One in heavenly power
Revive Your children from this hour!
When God comes down and stirs our hearts
Our faith grows strong and fear departs.
To the living God we must yield
Dear Holy Spirit be not grieved.
Purge us from all worldly thought
Pour out Your Spirit again, O Lord!




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