Honour And Glory


Honour And Glory
By Souad Susu Majdoub

All honour, All glory belong to You,
I breathe You in my spirit, I worship You,
Dwell in me, Lord, embrace me
Your comfort I desire to hold me

You are Immortal, Invisible
Only You are able
To have made my life so stable
Filling my soul
From years of old
You have kept my fathers before me
All their days they praised Thee

My mighty Deliverer You are to me
You lifted me up, raised me
In Your heavenly presence I found peace
All else is stilled, I am at ease

All honour and glory, to the King of all the ages
Words cannot fill all the pages
Lord, dwell in my heart
And set me never apart
From Your glory
Listen all! This is my story
I basked in His glory
And now I’m saved, His is the victory
To the King of Glory, find Him and be made holy.


‘To the king of Ages, Immortal
Invisible, the only God be Honour
And Glory forever and ever, Amen.’
[1 Timothy 1:17]



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