Hosanna, He Is Alive!


Hosanna, He Is Alive!
By W A Zamorano

Come and see, come and see
They shouted joyfully
The women were breathless
As they came running

To tell the disciples
The good news
About the angels
And the empty tomb

About the one they crucified
On Calvary’s mountain side
The one who bled and died
Whose body they had laid inside

We could see from far, they told
The stone to the side was rolled
The place was bare
The Master’s body was not there

But suddenly, a bright light
Was blinding our eyes
As we peeked inside
Two angels were sitting there
dressed in purest white
One to the left and one to the right

The angels declared
“Why seek ye the living
Among the dead
He is risen, just as He has said”

Hosanna. Hosanna,they cried
To the Lamb of God
Our precious Lord, Jesus Christ

The women let out a deep sigh
When they began to realize
To redeem mankind He bled and died
His sinless Blood our sacrifice

When they had finished
The story
There was Joy unspeakable
And full of Glory

Hosanna, Hosanna
He is alive!




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