How Great Is Our God


How Great Is Our God
By Frederick Blanchard

One of His eyes, is like a sun very bright,
The other like the brightest new moon,
One governs throughout the day,
The other keeps watch all through the night.

His left hand holds tightly to the reign,
Of Orion’s great white stallion,
His right hand holds truths sword,
That spews forth new stars with out refrain.

The universe is but a small corral in His sight,
The milky way is just a tiny sandy shore,
The brightest star is like a twinkle in His eye,
All that is, rests in His palm bringing Him delight.

From out of His mouth new galaxies are brought forth,
Riding on His breath to far beyond all horizons,
Displaying His glory and power of an unseen magnitude,
Like trillions of atom bombs blowing east, west, south and north.

Yet, He keeps an eye on the sparrow every hour,
And with a gentle touch, He feels our pulse of life,
While He whispers our name, calling us to draw near,
Our God smiles, when hearing our answering prayer.




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