How Long Lord?


How Long Lord?
By Rita Broden

One day I asked the Lord, “How long?”
He answered, “Till I’m through!”
And then I ventured further,
“Could You at least give me a clue?”

“Patience child,” He softly spoke
“For one day you will see
All these things are for your good!”
“To bring you home to Me!”

“But Lord….!” “Now child, just listen!”
“It’s really not so bad!”
“Besides, it’s temporary!”
“Bigger troubles you have had!”

“This is just a small thing now,
And it won’t last so long.”
“It’s a second in eternity!”
“Have I ever told you wrong?!”

“Not once, Lord, have You told me wrong.”
“I’ll trust You now as well.”
“And this trouble now I will endure
For with You I want to dwell.”




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