I Am Not Alone


I Am Not Alone
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

If you come to visit me,
in my little bungalow,
you will think that I live alone,
I tell you, thats not so.
I have my dog who brings me joy,
and is good company,
but most of all I have a friend,
who is always here with me.
And though you may not see Him,
you will know that He is here,
For He stops me being lonely,
He takes away all fear.
But I tell you I Do see Him
I see Him every day.
In the beauty of a butterfly,
and in the suns bright ray.
I see Him through my window,
in the fluffy clouds of white,
I see Him in the moon and stars,
that shine so very bright.
More than this I see Him,
in folk who show they care,
when they come to visit me,
I see my Saviour there.
I see Him on the faces
of little ones at play
I see Him in the good things,
that happen every day.
So if you come to visit me,
don’t think I live alone,
For I have a very special friend,
who is here, and shares my home.




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