I Lay Awake


I Lay Awake
By Tom D Blakely

I lay awake upon my pillow
Last night in bed, my thoughts on God
I prayed for everyone with passion
Their needs I brought before the Lord.

I have to overcome the devil
Who distracts me in times of prayer
Especially when my mind is weary
He makes it wander everywhere.

As I bore up each soul before God
In fervent prayer for loved ones dear
I heard a very loud distraction
Between my pillow, arm and ear.

I clung to God with greater effort
‘In Jesus’ name there’s no defeat!’
And then I prayed, ‘Lord You rebuke it
This most annoying rhythmic beat.’

This prayer the Lord declined to answer
He left it there; I stayed awake.
Until I shared all my petitions
And then I was allowed to sleep.

Last night I fell asleep in wonder
Amazed at all that God had done;
He made my heartbeat a distraction
Until I’d prayed for everyone!




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