I Love You Lord


I Love You Lord
By Tom D Blakely

I wake up in the morning and pray, ‘I love You Lord’.
So many times I say this until my head is cleared.
As I come through a troubled night, I need to be set free
From the clutches of the darkness, Jesus rescues me.

I think I’m strong enough In Christ to share this word…
That I have battled night and day to clear my troubled head;
From the horrors of the past that tend to drag me down
In Jesus I have victory, for He turns them all around.

Lord, should I share my thoughts with all, or is that wrong?

Satan’s had so many victories because I’m not strong?

The terrors of the night dreams, the flashbacks of the day

Yet Your word repels him sharply when I stop and pray.

Take my tortured mind Lord and always have Your way.
Turn the darkness into glorious light, as in You I stay.
When Satan in my sleeping hours stabs me in the back
Rebuke him by Your power and foil his cowardly attack.

The devil says: ‘God tortures you, because He doesn’t care.’
Or, ‘You believe in nothing, for God isn’t really there.’
Well, Satan I’m no genius, but your words do not add up!
The living God reveals your lies, wickedness, and deceit.

To cast the devil out of me I thought should be my prayer

For waking in a fearful sweat is often hard to bear.

The Lord had a different plan, though this He did not share

But faith answered my need to know that He does care!

Lord, I shared my thoughts aloud and pray I did no wrong

To inform other sufferers that they are not alone?

God’s people hurt in many ways and do not understand

But though they have their problems, God only has a plan!


This poem relates to my illness of post traumatic stress disorder.


“My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.”
[2 Corinthians 12:9]



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