I Thank The Savior


I Thank The Savior
By Cinda M Carter

I thank the Savior…
I thank the Lord,
For cleaning up my behavior.
It is Jesus whom I adore.

He is the Lord of all…
I thank Him for giving us life.
While I listen to His call,
He gives me His love through Christ.

As an obedient servant…
With Jesus as my Master,
As we go through this world of sin and turbulance.
And as life seems to go faster and faster.

I find peace…
In His presence.
At His table there is a feast.
Nurturing the soul and when we listen to God’s Word it is made pleasant.

Nothing comes close or can measure…
To the love of Christ.
So, to be His servant I find pleasure,
In giving Jesus my life.

At the end of my life…
I will see my precious Lord.
And He will tell me how His Son Jesus paid the price.
I’m always looking to go forward.

With Him as my friend…
I will thank my Savior.
Whom I know I can depend,
That through Jesus I found favor. Amen!!




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