I Used To Think


I Used To Think
By Tom D Blakely

I used to think of Christ as one who tried
To show us what was good and then He died.
The world He came to save rejected Him
For all were happier left in their sin.

God’s Spirit spoke to me, I heard Him say:
For every sin you’ve sinned, you’ll surely pay.
I cried unto the Lord: How can I pay?
I felt that I was lost come judgement day.

God brought me to the place where Jesus died
I watched His perfect Son be crucified.
I saw His blood being shed on that dark day
As Jesus paid a debt I could not pay.

I cried out to the Lord: Forgive my sin!
I claimed His precious blood and was forgiven.
Now Jesus is my Lord; in Him I grow
I used to think a lot, but now I know.




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