If I Could Go Back In Time


If I Could Go Back In Time
By Cinda M Carter

If one could go back in time…
Taking a good look at the years behind.
I would reevaluate my life.
I’d think again and maybe even twice.

There would be a few changes I would have made…
Maybe today there would be a lot less pain.
The consequences that we sometimes face,
Are the results of our own mistakes.

I would have listened to my parents, their endurance…
With a listening ear to their wisdom and experience.
When you treat others with respect,
It is then that you have no regrets.

I also think of the times as a family…
Times and events that were timely.
Mom cooking in the kitchen.
Dad working long hours for our provision.

Yes, I have regrets…
Yet I know I have been blessed.
Through we had our ups and downs,
I realize there isn’t a perfect family anywhere around.

But if it can be filled with love…
With a thankful heart that does,
Remember the good times they cherish,
And to learn from the bad times through caring.

If I could go back in time…
I’d take a different attitude, one with gratitude.
Growing is a learning process,
God can take a life that is a mess and show us what is best.

Dear Lord, “Open our eyes that we might see”…
Through Your word, that sets us free,
To be grateful for all things in Christ,
Putting off the old man and putting on the new, for life.




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