In A Cradle Long Ago…


In A Cradle Long Ago…
By Tom D Blakely

In a cradle long ago somebody was born to die
If you think you know the story, I caution you and here’s why. . .

If you think it was for nothing that God sent his Son?
Think again, for you are blinded by another one.

Satan is a fallen angel, not some mischievous cartoon!
Rebelling was his weakness and cost his place heaven.

The universe and all its glory was God’s good creation.
All of it was for mankind, God’s most prized possession.

But there was a sinful spirit on the look out for a home
And so God’s good creation didn’t stay good for long.

Okay so God allowed it, and Satan tempted Adam.
Adam had a choice to make and chose to side with Satan.

Meanwhile hell had been prepared on a parallel line
Now Satan would have company at the end of what we call ‘time’.

But even then God had a plan to restore mankind to Him.
The problem is and always was – God cannot tolerate sin.

Could there be a ‘go-between’… righteous before God?
Who could be a man, but to live life sinless and perfect?

To take the sins of all mankind, to stand in mankind’s place
To die to put those sins away, to rise in righteousness?

The Son of God is worthy, and willing to do this.
And all mankind who trust Him will receive His righteousness.

And when they stand before God, God cannot see their sin
Only Jesus’ righteousness, forever and amen.

In a cradle long ago somebody was born to die
If you think you know the story, I caution you, and here’s why. . .

Everybody was born to die – guaranteed
After that comes sin’s reckoning – called the Judgment.

If you ever wondered why the gospel is called the ‘Good News’
It’s because Jesus died to cancel out the bad news.

In God’s eyes Christ’s righteousness will blot out all our sin
When in simple faith we receive His Son. Amen!




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