In Christ


In Christ
By Christine Hare Tate

The hurt you feel, He feels too,
The Lord identifies with you.
He’s not surprised by trials of life,
Heartache, sorrow, pain or strife.

Jesus hears your desperate cry
When you’re weary, parched and dry.
But startled He will never be,
He knows about infirmity.

He paid the price and victory won,
For on the cross the work was done.
When the nails pierced thru His skin,
He took upon Himself your sin.

In Christ all things you can achieve,
A promise to those who believe.
There’s nothing here you cannot face,
For you are living by God’s grace.

Rejoice, you’re on the winning side,
When in your heart Christ does abide!
What satan thought was victory
Was His defeat at Calvary!




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