In No Other Name


In No Other Name
By Frederick Blanchard

In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,
We earnestly pray for healing of this land,
For individuals, family and friends,
Bringing glory to Thee, on a scale that’s grand.

Hear our prayers Lord, in this midnight hour,
For there are wars and famines scattered everywhere,
May you forgive our wayward words and actions,
Bringing healing for souls who are in despair.

Send down your gentle rains of loving mercy,
Washing away the alum of sins deadly plague.
Caress this land with your breeze of enduring grace,
Bring clarity to disillusions of minds that are vague.

Father, remove the skeletal structure of our precepts,
For the deceivers concepts have made them brittle,
Completely replace our composition with your word of steel,
Redeeming us from death and granting us complete acquittal.




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