In The World, But Not Of It


In The World, But Not Of It
By June Stein

When we grow weary of this world, and all the problems in it,
We can remember, thankfully, we are citizens of heaven,
For Jesus, Himself, said that we do not belong to the world,
But that He chose us out of it, to be its light and leaven,
He said that we would have trouble, and then said,
“But take heart!”
“I have overcome the world”…we are in it, but set apart.

Christ’s kingdom is not of this world, so we don’t wage worldly war,
As St Paul said, “On the contrary, our weapons are divine,
Able to demolish strongholds…and pretensions of evil minds”
The weapons God gives us are the blood of Jesus;
The authority of Jesus’ name;
The power of the Spirit and spiritual gifts…
To fight against the evil, with the Holy Spirit’s flame.

We await our Savior, Christ the Lord,
Who will change our bodies, alike to His Own,
We’ll then take our place, as citizens in our heavenly abode,
Where we will live with our Glorious Lord…




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