By Souad Susu Majdoub

We never cease to pray
Join us if you may
As we fill our prayer bowls
With God’s knowing goals.
Vowels resonate aloud
From the bowels of the earth
Dug up by many shovels
Soaked up by lengthy towels.

We intercede!
But God will supersede!
For He is the utmost intercessor
As we take on the role of the confessor.
He causes all prayer warriors
To seal all barriers
To usher in fountains of prayers
That add on many layers.

Walls are broken
The opposition is shaken
By prayers that hit rock bottom
Coming straight from the bosom.
Prayers that ignite every angel
All carrying the same label.

We are intercessors for God
Any other title would be fraud
From Him only we seek our reward
As answered prayers free the many hoards.

When we cease to enter
The inner-most temples of the Most High
We become slaves to the world.
For prayer lifts mountains
Despite all the doubtings
Visibly alive we become
As we take on others burdens.

We will not rest
Until God’s Spirit tests
We lift up our voices
Making known our choices
Glad to be of service,
We come from God’s office.




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