Into Good Land


Into Good Land
By Lucia K Haase

Into good land God brings us and we go,
encompassed by the streams and water flowing-
surrounded by the hills and valleys glowing,
into good land God brings us, and we grow.
He leads us by still waters, as the doe,
into a land where sunlight’s always showing-
where ripples glide onto the shore of knowing,
near waterfalls of blessings yet to flow.
Into good land we go when faithfully,
we follow His commands with joy and song.
Obedience brings blessings one can see,
as here within our plan, we move along.
With utmost praise and great expectancy-
into good land we’ll go, eternally.


‘For the Lord you God is bringing you into good land
-a land with streams and pools of water,
with springs flowing in the valleys and hills.’
[Deuteronomy 8:7]



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