Is God A Fair God?


Is God A Fair God?
By Tom D Blakely

The policeman lay on the rough tarmac road
Taking cover behind a six inch high kerb.
Armalite bullets screamed through the night sky
The young man thought this was his hour to die.

Some rifle grenades landed a little way off
Their impact so loud they made him almost deaf.
His submachine gun lay beside him ready for the fight
But the young man was lost in a trance that night.

He gazed serenely over the incoming fire
At the black ridge of hills that were so familiar.
He had walked those hills when he was a little boy
Precious moments there with his dad he did enjoy.

In his mind he spoke to his dad, ‘I will see you tonight.’
But an angel said, ‘No, you must prepare for a fight.
Your father is gone; but you are not ready to die.
Think of your mother…’ was the angel’s last reply.

Anxious voices pierced the background din:
‘Fire at the snipers, you have the weapon!’
After a barrage of shots on fully automatic;
The gunmen fled, after a harmless attack.

Standing up the policeman dusted his tunic
He said, ‘Guardian Angel, I feel quite sick;
You keep me safe, but how can that be?
My dad who was shot, was a better man than me?’


Seven years later the policeman gazed at those hills again, with the same questions:
Is God a fair God? Why would He let bad things happen to good people?
God’s initial response was: ‘Unless you repent, you too will perish.’ (Luke 13:1-5)
God in His mercy then directed him to the cross and salvation through Jesus Christ.
The young policeman was saved, and later his family.
But did God answer his questions?
Not until the young man had received Christ by faith.



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