Is Jesus Really Enough?


Is Jesus Really Enough?
By Christine Hare Tate

How much do I want Jesus?

More than a fat bank account,
or a mansion on a hill?
more than my ambitions
do I really want God’s will?

Would I be thanking Jesus
if I was out on the street?
would I still lift up His name
to the people that I meet?

If the only clothes I had
were the ones that I had on,
would my hope turn into fear
and my trust in God be gone?

Could I sing and shout Amen,
if I only had a dime?
depend on God’s provision
or turn to a life of crime?

How much do I want Jesus?

Is Jesus really enough?
can I be content with Him
or do I have great plans in
a world that’s growing dim?

I ask myself these questions
every time I pray….
Jesus, let Your desires
sweep my useless ones away!


‘No one can become my disciple without giving up everything for Me.’
[Luke 14:33]



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