Is My Friend Your Friend?


Is My Friend Your Friend?
By Sylvia E Blakely

I have a Friend not far away
That I can call on every day.

Though when I close my eyes and pray
I may forget just what to say.

Yet He has patience; oh how great
And always will have time to wait.

Lord forgive me when I stray
Bring me back the Christian way.

Help me live my life for You
Choosing what is right to do.

We can meet You at the cross,
A Saviour dying for the lost.

All we have to do is pray
Ask Your forgiveness every day.

You can have salvation too
And a life that is made new.

Do not wait another day
Come to Jesus now and pray.

There may be no tomorrows left
So seek Him now, He’ll do the rest.

Just ask Him what you need to do
He has a plan set out for you!




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