Is Your Name Written There


Is Your Name Written There
By Frederick Blanchard

Is your name written there,
In the Lamb’s book of life,
Recorded by the Savior himself,
Your tender life He yearns to spare?

The ink of his pen flows in red,
For it contains his life giving blood,
Blotting out the blackness of our sin,
Gathered from the cross from where it was shed.

Behold, its pages display the purity of forgiveness,
Individually granted by the love of our Father,
Containing eternal security by God’s amazing grace,
Each recorded name is carefully guarded by Jesus.

Lord, we have seen the blood stains,
Placed on the doorway between life and death,
Protecting your own, on the night of Passover,
Leaving on the streets, sins repulsive remains.

At the foot of the cross of Calvary we have seen,
The trickle of your water and of your blood,
Feeling the pain of our realized need,
There we can surrender ourselves to be made clean.

Then shall our name be written there,
On that special page set aside for us,
For we heard the Shepherd’s voice in the night,
Whispering, ‘I Am, has heard your heartfelt prayer.’




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