Jesus Prayed For Us


Jesus Prayed For Us
By June Stein

Jesus prayed to His Father for us,
On the night before He was crucified…
For ‘those who believe through their word’, He said,
The word of the disciples, who were with Him that night.

He said the Glory, which the Father gave Him…
He has given to us, that we may be one;
Even as He and the Father are One,
He in us, and the Father in Him,
That we may be perfectly one.
This, so that the world may know,
That the Father has truly sent Him,
And has loved us, even as He loves His Son.

He prayed to His Father, that He desires us to be…
With Him where He is, to behold His Glory,
Which, before the foundation of the world,
The Father gave to His Son.

The world has not known the Father; as does the Son,
But we know the Father has sent Him, said our Lord,
And the love with which His Father loved Him,
May be in us, and He in us… we are forever one.
To think that on the night He was betrayed,
Our Savior thought of us, and prayed.


‘I do not pray for these only, but also for those who believe in me through their word.’
[John 17:20]



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