Joseph’s Journey


Joseph’s Journey
By Christine Hare Tate

Joseph had God’s promise
ignited in his heart,
confident that the Lord
would fulfill it from the start!

The path that Joseph took
seemed to contradict God’s plan,
but he pressed on anyway
though he didn’t understand.

When I reflect on my journey
the same pattern has occurred,
God is guiding my steps
but the road ahead is blurred.

Sometimes it is perplexing,
it’s seems I’m going nowhere,
but I am soon reminded that
the Lord is always there!

Joseph must have wondered,
“How did I end up here?”
when he knew what God said
in his dream so clear.

Yet thru all the ordeals
he encountered on his way,
Joseph kept on hoping,
and trusted God each day.

He had no idea how his dream
would come to fruition,
but persevered despite the
constant flow of opposition.

When I read Joseph’s story
and how God brought him thru,
my spirit leaps for joy
and I know what I must do!

Press on, believe God’s word,
stand strong and expect to see
God’s faithfulness bring forth
what He birthed inside of me.

Stop questioning every step
cause I’ll never understand
the methods the Lord chooses
to fulfill His perfect plan.


The story of Joseph [Genesis 37-45]

‘For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways.’
[Isaiah 55:8]



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