Less Of Me


Less Of Me
By Christine Hare Tate

Expectation fills my spirit,
It keeps welling up in me.
The pieces of the puzzle
Fit together perfectly.

At the workshop of Your Spirit
My ordeals have played a part
In the never ending saga
Of transforming my heart.

Thru tears and painful trials
Your mercy came my way,
And a deeper undertaking
Is in motion day by day.

Dear Father in Heaven
If I may speak candidly,
My heart is so grateful
And I ask You humbly…

To let the world outside
Grow dimmer and dimmer,
So what remains within
Allows only YOU to shimmer.

It has taken me this long
To be still enough to know,
That the more I surrender,
The brighter You can glow!

Then less of me will exist
And your work can progress,
Because an empty vessel is
Your desire to possess.

Fill this earthen pot
With fruit bearing seed,
For the essence of the life
Of Christ is helping those is need.

Wherever you decide Lord
To place this pot of clay,
Let the fragrance of Christ
Jesus, permeate thru I pray!

I must decrease so HE CAN INCREASE!




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