Let Me See You and Your Glory


Let Me See You and Your Glory
By Joanne Standfield

Dear Lord, thank you for Your glory,
for Your grace given to me,
thank you dear Jesus
that you came and set me free.

I pray each day I’ll live for you
seeing others through Your eyes,
redeeming time in these evil days,
snatching people from the fire.

May my focus be on You alone
and not the things around,
the things that do not matter
but as dust go back to ground.

Let me see You and Your glory
as I read and wait on you,
that your zeal and passion will consume me
through and through and through!

As this day now draws to a close
and I’m soon to go to sleep,
I know even then I will be aware of You,
for you are my Shepherd and I’m Your sheep.




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