Let The Church Arise


Let The Church Arise
By W A Zamorano

Let the Church arise
Walking in power and might
Running the race
Redeeming the time.

O my Beloved
Let us heed His call
And tear down the wall
Let it tumble
Let it crumble
Let it fall
Once and for all.

Let us lay aside
The things that divide
Quarreling and strife
Haughtiness and pride
The right to be right.

He calls us His child
Each special in His eyes
Yellow, red; black or white
All accepted in His sight.

Are we not the Church
Bought with a price
The precious blood
Of Jesus Christ?

Are we not His body
Saved and sanctified
Justified and purified
heirs of everlasting life?

O let us unite
Lay our differences aside
Let us embrace
And do what’s right.

Let us love God
With all of our heart
And let us love one another
So the whole world may see
The Love of God In you and me.

Let the Church arise
And take a stand for Christ
Walking in Joy and victory
triumphing over the enemy.

Now is the time
For her beauty to shine
Far and wide
A glorious Bride
To reign forever at His side!




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