Let’s Shake Off The Dust And Rise Up!


Let’s Shake Off The Dust And Rise Up!
By Joanne Standfield

I press on to lay a hold of that
for which Christ has laid a hold of me,
walking in His love and power
setting the captives free.
Called with a holy calling,
His rod of authority in our hands,
let’s now shake off the dust and rise up
and lift Jesus high across our land.
Not getting disheartened by the darkness
but keeping our focus on the Lord,
shining with His light and glory
scattering satan’s hoard.
Loosing the bonds of wickedness,
letting the oppressed go free,
breaking the chains of fear and death
enforcing Christ’s victory!
Sharing our bread with the hungry,
giving from a heart full of love
for God’s love has been shed abroad in us,
through the blood of His precious son.




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