Life Isn’t Fair


Life Isn’t Fair
By Cinda M Carter

Sometimes life will not be fair.
We all have our own cross to bear.
We think of the decisions we need to make.
How do we decide which way to take?

Only God has the answer and who knows
And how to direct us in which way to go.
We’ve come to a crossroad…
Go to the left or to the right, how do we know?

Do we choose the easy way out?
Or the right way that will take us home without a doubt.
Pray and weigh your options.
Ask God for the the answer and keep on knocking.

Ask for wisdom…
To make the right decision.
Do we choose the popular vote for all to see,
Or what is right for you, “Be not deceived.”

It’s you who will face the consequences for your own choices.
Pray to God for your choice and not because of others opinions and voices.
You will live with that decision.
The right way brings peace but the wrong choice brings devision.

“No Life isn’t Fair”
But we have a God who cares…




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