Lift Up King Jesus


Lift Up King Jesus
By Marie C Neubauer

Lift up King Jesus,
His truth proclaim,
Salvation is found
In no other name…
Goodness and mercy
Freely given to all,
Who open their hearts
And answer His call

Lift up King Jesus,
For late is the hour,
Lives are transformed,
By His awesome power…
He takes all our fears,
Our pain and our sorrow,
And pours out His peace,
Gives hope for tomorrow.

Lift up King Jesus,
Let everyone know,
There is a Savior
Who longs for us so…
His love and forgiveness,
Freely given to all,
Who open their heart
And answer His call!


‘And I, if I be lifted up from the earth shall draw all men to me.’
[John 12:32]



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