Lost And Found


Lost And Found
By W A Zamorano

Have you gone astray,
and lost your way?
Have you wandered away from the fold?
Has your heart grown cold?

Do you want to come home,
no longer aimlessly to roam?

There is someone who really loves you
and who knows your name.
To save your soul, is why He came.

He is the Good Shepherd
and He will leave all the others behind
until the one lost sheep He’ll find.

He’ll carry you in His arms
and shelter you from all harm.

He will restore your soul.
He will make you whole.
You need not fear or shed a tear
for He will draw near.

He will be your guide,
your Daily Bread He will provide.
He’ll never leave you,
He’ll stay right by your side.

He’ll keep you from danger,
from following a stranger.
You’ll make the right choice,
because you know the shepherd’s voice.

He is Jesus, God’s only Son,
who over Satan the victory has won.
He became the sacrificed Lamb,
to bear the sins of every man.

Just as a good shepherd
lays down his life for his sheep,
so He died for you and me,
to give us life abundantly.

You need no longer hide,
His arms are open wide.
He will forgive your sin
and welcome you back in.

He will hold you in His embrace,
He will kiss your face
and in Heaven great Joy will abound,
for you were lost,
but now you’re found.


[John 10, Isaiah 53, Psalm 23]



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