By Cinda M Carter

Love can be expressed in many ways…
Day by day.
Pure love comes from above
And can be gentle as a dove.

Love can be healing…
When there are hard feelings.
It’s forgiving and giving of one’s self.
It’s nourishment to the soul for the one’s we help.

Jesus, wants us to do the will of the Father above…
And that’s to give our love,
To Him and those around;
So, that someday we may receive a crown.

Love never fails…
It only helps us to avail;
What we might have to go through.
It only tells us what we should do.

Love is gentle and kind…
It will help us to find the time,
To pray or say a thoughtful word or deed.
Which helps in setting us free.

Love is not jealous of the things that others have…
Which always makes us feel bad;
Because we cannot have them too.
This is so true.

Love is not proud…
Which puts our head in a cloud;
And keeps us from seeing the truth and the light.
So, we can keep Him in our sight.

Love is hope…
Hope for the present world that we live in and helps one to cope.
Love is patient with those around us;
Even as our Heavenly Father is through His forgiveness.

Love helps us to endure…
And makes us pure.
God’s love is sure to heal the wounded heart.
With each new day He gives us a fresh start.

God’s love will never fail…
It will only help us to prefail.
We thank you Jesus for Your love;
That You have given from above.

So, that we might teach the Word in truth…
In Your gooodness with… “Love”.


[1 Corinthians 13: 4-8]



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