Make Me Ready


Make Me Ready
By Rita Broden

Lord the love You have for me
Astounds me more each day
It’s You and You alone who loves me so
The blessings You’ve poured out on me
I barely can contain
Where You lead, Lord, help me always go.

You really are my Shepherd
You’re my Counselor as well
A Friend like no one else has ever been
Help me stand at ‘ready’
To each command help me obey
Make me ready Lord! Just show me what and when!

If it means forsaking others
Still help me follow where you lead
Nothing holds me to this earthly life I’m living
Chart my course; secure my path
And send me on my way
It’s my turn, Lord, to do a bit of giving.

I’ve derived no lasting pleasure
From the things this world can give
Make me ready to forsake it all for You
I want to hear You speak the words
‘Well done, my faithful servant’
I long, Oh Lord, to be among those few.




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