Making The Most Of Each Precious Day


Making The Most Of Each Precious Day
By Joanne Standfield

One day just seems to run into another
the time’s so quickly passing by,
before I know what has happened
I’ll be with my beloved in the sky.
My time on earth will have ended,
my assignment here all done
and I’ll rule and reign forever
with Jesus, God’s own beloved Son.
Each day there is a battle
as my flesh seeks to have it’s way
but I need to remind myself
to take the time to pray.
Drawing close to my beloved
to seek His glorious face,
being strengthened and empowered
to run my earthly race.
Feeding on His living Word
being nourished and satisfied
receiving God’s own wisdom
as I soar with Him up high.
High above the problems
those things that seek to keep me bound,
soaring like the eagle
as my Father takes me up to higher ground.
He’s crowned me with glory and honor
I’m a child of the King of kings,
more that a conqueror
destined to rule and reign with Him.
Covered by His precious blood,
speaking His Word of power ….
may I make the most of each precious day
in this age’s closing hour!




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