Mankind’s Fall


Mankind’s Fall
By Sylvia E Blakely

While Adam was keeping the garden one day
The Lord said to Adam as He passed his way…
All of the fruit in the garden you can freely enjoy
But the tree in the middle I forbid you to try.

God made him a helper a woman named Eve
She went to the garden some fruit to receive.
She spoke with the devil who convinced her to sin
By eating from the tree the Lord had forbidden.

She told her husband, what the devil had said…
How the fruit wouldn’t kill them, but was good instead.
They eat of the tree, but then tried to hide
Because they felt guilty and were both afraid.

They thought they could hide their sin from God
But God can see everything, whether open or hid.
This was the first sin which was “mankind’s fall”
Because sin was passed on and ruined us all.

As soon as we sin we don’t suddenly die
And that is how the devil gets away with his lie.
God forbids sin because it ends with death
He wants us to love Him and have everlasting life.

That is why God sent His Son into to the world
To die in our place, for our sin Jesus died
If we repent and receive Him as Saviour, by faith
God’s word has told us life won’t end in death.


Mankind’s fall
[Genesis 2:15 – 3:19]



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