Meet The Mediator


Meet The Mediator
By W A Zamorano

Have you found the way
That leads to eternal life
Have you been introduced
To Jesus Christ?

He is the only mediator
Between Heaven and earth
There is none other
No not in this entire universe.

He came to earth
Through a virgin birth
His mission to redeem us
From Adam’s curse.

There is only one way
That leads to eternal life
It is the cross
Where Jesus died.

For our sin was crucified
O holy sacrifice
His Blood alone
Can for our sins atone.

He is the Truth and the Way
The Resurrection and the Life
He is our Lord and Savior
Come and meet Him
His name is Jesus Christ.


‘Neither is there Salvation in any other:
For there is none other name given under heaven among men,
whereby we must be saved.’
[Acts 4:12]



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