MESSIAH (acrostic)
By Frederick Blanchard
M essenger, the anointed one of the most high,

    Stepped out of Heaven by His own free will.

E vangelizer of the good news,

    Of salvation that’s A free gift of life eternal.

S ent forth by the Father,

    To become the bridge back unto Himself.

S on of the only true and living God,

    Became the final sacrificial lamb for our sins.

I mmanuel, prince of everlasting peace,

    Born an innocent babe, then became our savior.

A dvocate for those who are forgiven,

    To the judgment seat of Christ.

H ope He brings to those who were hopelessly lost,

    Revealing the light of Jehovah’s glory.


Messiah, Immanuel, Prince of Peace, Advocate of the forgiven.
Hallelujah for this Savior of our souls, for once we were separated from God’s goodness forever, then Jesus came to pardon us, by paying the penalty in our stead.



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