Miserable Comforters!


Miserable Comforters!
By Tom D Blakely

I thought like Job of old; Miserable comforters are ye all.
You call with words so empty; YOU better take heed lest YOU fall!
I know I shouldn’t think like that, but the Lord knows that I’m ill,
An ailment of the mind; apparently to Christians – inexplicable.

Cast your burdens on the Lord for you know He cares for you.
Yes, wonderful. I know all that; You’re telling me nothing new.
Oh! How I long to be like them; to ride the crest of a wave,
To rejoice in my salvation; not to be wishing for the grave.

Was I ever like them: insensitive, with a nose-up heavenly gaze?
Berating any fallen saint, for their sinful lack of faith?
Okay, Lord I was, it’s true. But I felt, in obedience to Your word?
Floating high above this sinful world and looking only unto God. . .

I plead my case both day and night, but God doesn’t seem to hear?
I confess my sins continually but my Lord will not appear.
I search myself for every flaw, my thoughts open to His view.
Maybe I deserve this sad demise; perhaps it’s overdue?

I take a breath and stop to think of Christ on Calvary. . .
The wooden cross, stained with blood; the blood He shed for me.
I look into His saddened eyes convinced I see a tear;
His ‘knowing look’ that says it all; my name I seem to hear.

I can’t look any longer; I’m blinded by my own tears.
I can’t stand it any longer; the suffering that He bears.
In gentleness He speaks to me from that godforsaken cross.
He tells me to take courage and offers me His peace.

I’m feeling more than guilty, and sobbing like a child;
His love is overwhelming as I watch Him crucified.
No Lord! Just a word will stop them! Their Lord they cannot kill!
Jesus replied that they must do this, God’s purpose to fulfil.

The love of a Creator for the creation that He made.
The despair of a loving Father whose children were misled.
The destructive path they’d chosen, would lead to certain death,
Unless a sinless substitution would save the lost through faith.

I fell in tears at Jesus’ feet; but gently I was raised.
In awe I saw my risen Lord and offered Him my praise.
He said, I was already saved through the blood He shed for me,
And there was no condemnation now; as from sin I am set free.

In fear and trembling I ask of Him, Lord where did I go wrong?
I’ve fallen more than any saint, perhaps I’m not as strong?
Human strength or natural power, He said, I don’t require,
But by my spirit, fully trusting is what I do desire.

And then, a further instruction, He asked me to obey:
To not question His plans for others who walked in His way.
For some will have blessing whilst others like me will mourn,
It’s for God alone to know which brings glory to His throne.

He said, lovingly I made you and carefully I watched you grow,
There is nothing about your trials, that I do not already know.
You think you carry a heavy cross, but I know exactly its weight;
By faith, you will bear it in my strength to heaven’s open gate.

In face of death, In God I’ll trust; in sorrow and in pain,
I won’t condemn His children, when they call with me again.
For even when they cannot help, through good advice or prayer,
Jesus reminded me of His selfless love, and we are His together.


‘Peter seeing him, said to Jesus, But Lord, what about this man? Jesus said to him,
If I will that he remain till I come, what is that to you? You follow me.’
[John 21:21-22]



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